Monday, November 20, 2006

Baby arrived

Well surprise Surprise...... Our little precious heaven has arrived!!!

Wow I can't believe I'm not pregnant anymore...and I mean it in a good way, I feel so much lighter....gee wonder why?!?!? he he he!!!

Ok first off i'm not sharing no birth stories but all I have to say Epidural baby!!!! Weee heee!!! I don't care what anyone says if modern medicine has provided us with the means to go pain free then I'm going to take it twice over!!!

As for the whole the moment I saw her it was love at first sight blah blah mushy mushy... to tell you the truth I felt it and didn't at the same time. It was more like "alllaaaah banoooty habeebeti and then weeee3 she's slimey"....he he he

Life has a different look these days. It's very strange.....I have no idea what day or time it is and to tellyou the truth I don't really care. It's all about her. My prespective of life has changed completely!!!! I'm not saying it in that it's better or worse it's more different than anything else.

But I will share one part of the birth story..... As My hubby and I are ready for the arrival and the doctor's and nurses were all around we were talking about this and that. Then the doctor asks hubby what he does and he says "I'm in the computer field and so is my wife...and here we are delivering the chip" Well after the whole push push and she's out the doctor say "Oh look it's not even a chip, it's a microchip!!!" So People she's tinier than I can explain..... salem galoubha!!!

Mommy Samboose has to leave and take care of her microchip!!

P.S. Miss Cosmo your post cracked me up.... I actually laughed really loud remembering the car incedent!! Oh and you know better about me having a prob with Purg's comment... I love it when they think you're younger!!

P.SS. Krispy I pimped the baby on day2, she got her first piercing!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Baby Shower Dilema

My bestfirend and sisters are having a baby shower for me. I'm SOOOOOOOOO excited because I know it's going to be mega fun. The way we do things is just unbeatable. The games, the craziness, the fun, the favors...etc etc. The list is just totally endless....

To some this may just sound like a regular party/get-together. But to anyone that's been to something we've done they know how we go ALL OUT!!!

All seemed pretty simple and taken care of. They had discussed the theme, We talked about certain things, I went to mothercare and registered for baby gifts....etc etc!!

Then there was the list....ahhhhh samboose samboose. With all your friends how will you have it done. My initial list consisted of 52 people... GEEEZ that's not a shower that's a small wedding!!! I tried to let that slide but then My sister "S" calls and says "Samboose I know that you probably want all of them but that's not an intimate shower that's an 'Istiqbal'" WEEEE3 just hearing that word sent chills down my spine... So narrowing it down it was. I went over it and over it... In my head I'm thinking how can I invited 'A' without inviting 'B' that's fashla. I know them the same time... so I had to make sacrifices and hope that if some people do find out they'll understand that I had to do what I had to do. So the list was down to 25, that's including 7 that are family memebers. So I thought cool all was going smooth........ but the roughness was yet to come!!!!

"W" (my bestfriend) sends out the e-mail invitations and asks for RSVPs. Pretty simple don't you think....HA! HA!!! First call "Hey 'W' this is soo cool I'm really excited but I was talking to my mom and she's asking if she can come", E-mail #2 "Dear 'W', please count me in and also 'GM' and 'A' " Willl there be more calls and e-mails like this?? STOP THE PRESS PEOPLE!!!! I had deleted MY FRIENDS, and these people want to bring others. SURE I love them too but let's talk priorities people. I would love to have the big bash and invite everyone I want but we are trying to keep it intimate!!! I feel bad for 'W' because she's the one that's the bearer of bad news... No you can't bring your 'GM' no 'A' embaressing is that?!?!?!?!

I spoke to my hubby and was telling him about it... I even expressed how I had to omit his neices which I LIKE!! But still if I was not inviting 'D' a very close friend (which I might ask her to do something for me with our usual Saturday group) He chuckled and said "It's all because they love you and want to share this with you" I'm thinking yeah sure that's sweet but still would you invite a family member because YOU got an invitation??

I love being loved and it's the greatest thing ever but there's that much of me to go around... can't split myself all over the place you know!!!

What to do?? how do I make this better?? Should I just leave it to 'W' to figure out and solve herself?

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Guess who's Back

Well I've been back for a while but it's almost like I was never gone. I jumped right back into my usual busy self. The great thing thought i'm all refreshed and just sooooooo thankful I had a break from reality.

I'm officially sporting the watermelon in my tummy. Lots of people at work were surprised when they got back from their vacations. The funny thing is I've noticed people saying "Oh Mabrook!!! Shloon?" and I'm thinking am I supposed to teach them about the Birds and the Bees?? I mean seriously shino "SHLOON"??!!!! I fell on something and poof something emereged outta my stomach. It's just too funny i really wonder what exactly is the answer their looking for.

Moving right along, I can't believe it's Septemeber already!! Where does the time go?? Next thing you know We're calling everyone with our usual "Imbarak 3alaykum al-Shahar" then it's Eid then before you know it we're celebrating the New Year. Meanwhile in my case I'll be sporting a baby on my hip, or lap for that matter somewhere along the line.

Just to leave you with something I came across here's a quote worth repeating
Ken Keyes, Jr.

Monday, July 31, 2006


Hubby and I are 3 days away from getting on a plane for our last vacation as a couple before we become as a family.

This trip is LOOOOOOOOOOOONG overdue, we haven't traveled for fun the 2 of us in about 3 years, it was always business business business and this is our last chance to do it child-free...

The things we have planned, places to go people to see....and best of all Just pure old fashioned "R&R" what could be better than that.

So from now until Thursday I'm stuck on singing..." I'm Leaving on a jet plane" (unfortunately I know EXACTLy when I'll be back again....he he he)

"I'm so EXCITED!!! and I JUST can't HIDE it!!!" WEEEE HEEEEEEEEEE. I just hope that I can put up with work for the next few days!!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Well I'm and let me tell you what ever characteristic I had it's doubled now!!

To begin with I'm already an aggresive, opinionated, confrontational and non-tolerant person. Well with my pregnancy all my previous characteristics have DOUBLED in magnitude.

I will NOT tolerate whiney people that just sit around and complain.... get a grip people and get over it. Shit happens to everyone so pull yourself together and get on with your life. No nagging PALEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE!!!

I will express EXACTLY what's pissing me off and I have no problem with addressing issues that I usually just turn a blind eye on. What i feel I SHALL express.

So other than that, I'm a pretty pleasant person... just as long as you are too!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006



Today's a day to celebrate my 4th Anniversay!!!! What a shock 4 years!!!! Life is good!


Special Brithday wish to DR. Sing with me everyone!!!
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you!!!!

Make a wish sweety!!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Dogs need homes!

There is a security company located in Ahamadi that has 7 dogs all pure breeds that need homes.

They are giving these dogs away. They are all young dogs from 6-motnhs to a year!

There are 4 Pure bred German Shepherds that need homes. One is a Belgian German Shepherd as well. Also one lab, and 2 Ridge backs.

Please spread the word that these lovley dogs need homes.

Please Contact Samir Eltom : 770-4654 for more information.